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Unyielding Vigor was started by two of the most advanced biological enhancement researchers in their fields - Brenden Henry and Tom Muldoon.

There are over 700 published scientific papers backing the safety and effectiveness of our methods. More than any biohacking brand on Earth.

Brenden Henry is the world's leading expert in peptide science, having published some of the most comprehensive and in-depth resources on peptides ever made available to the public.

Tom Muldoon is the world's leading scientific expert in male looks, having created the most comprehensive program covering the objective, biological enhancement of male looks ever made.

We have been in-the-trenches coaching & guiding our main group of 1,500+ biohacking enthusiasts since the early 2020's.

And we're proud to have entrepeneurs, CEO's and elite athletes on our customer list -- people who require the absolute BEST information regarding peak performance in the world!

WARNING: This information is not for people who have full faith in Big Pharma, believe doctors know everything, or who never question mainstream medicine

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